Plan your next group journey

Make sure your group member have a memorable experience.
Plan ahead your trip.
Hire me to plan your group itinerary.

Suggested price:  10,000.00

Minimum price:  2,500.00


  • Are you preparing a journey for a group of people in Nepal or India ?
  • Do you need help to make decision on the best realistic itinerary based the preferences, health and abilities of your group members  ?
  • Do you want to make sure that your group members will have an amazing unforgettable experience ?

Then you need some help to plan ahead, now.

Hire me to plan your next group vacation.

  1. Buy this product.
  2. Then you fill receive automatic email to fill an form online.
  3. Then we will talk together about your project (you will receive my direct WhatsApp number after payment).
  4. I will come back to you within few hours = with a written detailed itinerary, included the time, approximate cost, etc.

Life is short !
Let me help have fun, flawlessly !

More informations

The cost here is discretionary, to help people use this service. 
Please pay a fair price, according to your family revenu. 
If your group member have an annual revenu above 400 000 (Euros, CAD, USD), please contribute to the suggested price. 
Thank you.