Passport and visa for entering nepal 


Your passport must have six months or more validity remaining at the time of entry in Nepal. One blank visa page available in passport for visa (not endorsements page) Nepali authorities generally allow entrance on an emergency passport printed overseas.


Everyone needs a visa to enter into Nepal except Indian nationals.
Citizens of the SAARC nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan do not require visa for a period of 30 days.
Fortunately, getting a Nepal visa is an easy process.
Tourist visas are issued on arrival at the international airport and official overland entry points.
However, travelers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Cameroon, Ghana, Somalia, Swaziland, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Liberia are not issued visa on arrival; they need to apply online from their home country.

After you arrive at the Tribhhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you will find electronic kiosks that will assist your visa processing. Taking the completed for and paying the visa fee, you need to stay in the long immigration queue for your visa-on-arrival.


Visitors can now apply for online visa within 15 days of their arrival date in Nepal.
For this, you will need your Nepal hotel address and a digital passport-sized photo that needs to be uploaded in the online application.
After submitting the form online, you need to print out the confirmation page which has to be furnished at the immigration section in Kathmandu airport along with your passport and the required visa fee. You can apply for your online Nepal visa here.


Whichever way you enter into Nepal, you will be given a 15/30/90 day visa as per your requirement. The general Nepal tourist visa fee on arrival for multiple entries is:

15 days – US$30
30 days – US$50
90days – US$125

Tourist visas can be extended for a maximum of 150 days in a year (January 1rst to december 31rst) and these extensions are granted only at the department of immigration offices at Pokhara and Kathmandu.

Visa Extension

per day (up to 14 days): US$ 2
for more than 15 days: US$ 25

Absentee visa extension service charge: Nepali Rs. 500

Foreign Currencies That Are Accepted at the immigration For Visa Fees:
U.S.D. (preferred);


You can save time by filling in the application form online at However, you must do this within 15 days of your arrival to Nepal.


You can extend your visa for a total of 150 days however in a calendar year.
You will have to provide your air ticket as evidence you are leaving when your visa extension is nearly finished.
Visa extensions can only be done in Kathmandu or Pokhara immigration offices.
A 15 day extension will cost around $30 and $2 per day after that.
A 30-day extension will cost around $50 although if you are looking for multiple entry an extra $20 will be added.
You can get the extended visa on the same day but you will need your passport, the fee, a photo and an online application form.

Things You’ll Need to Remember

• Since this is the nation’s only international airport, it can get crowded.
• There are currency exchange booths at the airport as well as in Thamel (Thamel is located at the city’s center and they usually gives better rates).
• Carry a few photocopies of your passport as well as passport sized photos (4-5 will suffice) just in case.

For more information visit the Department of Immigration website at


You do not need a Chinese visa if you are entering Tibet from Nepal. But you do need a Tibet Permit (around $120, but subject to change). We will apply for and obtain your Tibet permit. This fee is included in your package. Allow at least 2 business days for the Tibet permit after your arrival in Nepal as we will need your passport.


We will apply for and obtain your Bhutan visa. The visa is given upon submission of your itinerary and full trip payment. Prior to your departure from your home, we will email you a letter from Bhutan’s Tourism Department allowing you entry into Bhutan. You must produce this letter prior to boarding your plane into Bhutan from Bangkok, Delhi or Kathmandu. The Bhutan Visa fee is $20 and is always included in the travel package.


Your India visa must be obtained prior to departure from your country.
The fee is not included in your booking payment.
For majority of the countries, it can be bought online.
Visit their website:


Your China visa must be obtained prior to departure from your country.
The fee is not included in your booking payment.