Long travel in Nepal

Local transportation by road, for itineraries of more than 25 km

The development of Nepal’s roads infrastructure has not been done in the past.
Because of corrupted leaders in politics, the road and train infrastructures has not been created.

Right now, in 2024, the government of Nepal is undergoing a massive construction project.
The main roads in Nepal are under construction, for many years.

The management, the usage of the road, while doing the construction, is not well done.
In addition to that, the roads are narrows, steep, and in very bad condition.

The road conditions in the main cities in Nepal are OK.
But when you get out of these cities, the road conditions are hell.

Katmandou => Pokhara travel

A good example here is the road from Katmandou to Pokhara.
You will read online it take up to 6-7 hours to drive from one city to another.
It’s wrong.
You have minimum of 8 hours, if you are lucky.
The last 3 times I did it (I did it many, many, times), it took respectively, 11 hrs, 9.5 hours and 10,5 hours.
I hate that road. Many people I know, hate that road.
These roads are such in back conditions in Nepal, that bus/car/jeep/taxi, name it, end bumping left to right, front to back, violently, repeatedly, for hours and hours.

It is very very hard on the nervous system, on the but, on the neck.
If you want a shaking therapy, go for it.
But for distance longer then 2 hours, 25km, you don’t want to do it.
Forget about it.
Are you taking a vacation in Nepal to take a 8 hrs hell ride ?

Travel by air

For distance longer than 25 km, 2 hours, I recommand you to travel by air.

The air fare is around 100 us$ one way.

You can buy your ticket with Buddha Air or Yeti Airlines.
Yeti was always a little bit cheaper in the past, and also, have adapted price according to your luggage weight (20, 25, 30km).

Have an amazing vacation ! <3 <3 <3